The Sexbury Tales (1973)

Directed by: Mario Caiano

Stars: Rosalba Neri, Christa Linder, Peter Landers

Language: Italian

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as: I racconti di Viterbury – Le più allegre storie del ‘300

Description: Series of tales. The framing story: a group of women are doing their laundry and begin to tell lusty tales. Story #1 involves a young man who marries a young woman without ever having seen her face (she always wears a veil, which should have been a warning sign right there, but her mother makes some excuse about a vow, etc., and he falls for it). On his wedding night, the husband is shocked to see that his bride has an attractive body but a really ugly face. Add to this the young man’s inexperience with sex, and the bride is left unsatisfied. Her mother volunteers to give the groom some “lessons,” but as the episode ends, the frustrated bride is stuck outside the bedroom as her mother and husband enjoy themselves. Story #2 concerns the various attempts of a young man to make love to his girlfriend, despite her hostile father’s presence. After numerous failures (he disguises himself as a scarecrow and has himself smuggled into the castle in a barrel, among other schemes), the man gives up. The third story is the longest. A woman and her older husband move into a “haunted” house. The “ghost” is the woman’s lover, who tries to scare the husband away. However, the man returns with a wacky exorcist. The exorcist turns out to have a thing for the attractive wife himself, and after getting the husband and lover out of the way, starts to get busy, only to be attacked and driven off by a demonic turkey. The turkey apparently has some ideas of its own.


853mb | 89:44mins | 696×368 | avi

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  1. Mike says:

    I would also like the subtitles please.

  2. Mike says:

    I would like the English subtitles for this movie please?

  3. zlatan says:

    do you have the en subs for this movie thanks

  4. Larry Blake says:

    I have English subtitle for this movie (.srt), I can e-mail them to you if you want to add it to the site.

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