Savage Three (1975)

Directed by: Vittorio Salerno

Stars: Salvatore Borghese, Martine Brochard, Luigi Casellato

Language: Italian | Subtitles: English [srt]

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | TCRip

Also known as: Fango bollente

DescriptionThe Savage Three are three young men, fresh into the world, who work together at a computer analysis company. All three appear to be calm, level-headed, well-educated young men with the world at their fingertips. They are best friends, working togther by day & playfully carousing at night. Dominated by the Ovidio, played by the handsome Joe Dallesandro, the three young men soon evolve from well-mannered professionals to violent criminals.



1.02GB | 84:23mins | 640×384 | avi

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6 Responses to Savage Three (1975)

  1. Donnie says:

    By the way, to every one, Mr.Jared down here spoiled the movie by revealing the end, unfortunately.

  2. Donnie says:

    Many thanks rarluste!. Thanks a lot to our great ripper quidtum too, I hope to see an a dvdrip for this very interesting movie.

  3. Jared says:

    I have to say this is a very stupid film. But thanks for uploading. I really wanted to see it because Joe Dallesandro was in it. Otherwise, there is nothing good about this “piece of art”.
    The plot is unrealistic, to say the least. Three guys go around killing everyone they meet, everything is done in broad daylight and nobody stops them. There are witnesses to some of their killings, yet nobody can identify them because everyone is so stupid in this movie. The guys are completely mad, yet they manage to keep their jobs and nobody notices anything. Not to mention they all work at the same place. I mean what are the chances?
    But i really like the ending. That was funny. Two of the guys die and the one that stays alive is trying to find a replacement for the dead ones. The closing line cracked me up: “What are you fellas doing tonight? Looking for action”. Not to mention his new friends resemble the old ones. Brilliant.

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