Godzilla 1985 The Legend Is Reborn (1984)

Directed by: Koji Hashimoto, R.J. Kizer

Stars: Raymond Burr, Ken Tanaka, Yasuko Sawaguchi

Language: English

Subtitles: English (for some russian dialogues only)

Country: Japan |  Imdb Info  | Dvd

Also known as: Gojira, The Return of Godzilla, Godzilla: 1985

Description: Thirty years after the original monster’s rampage, a new Godzilla emerges and attacks Japan.


DVD5 | 2.91GB | 87:21mins | 720×480 4761Kbps 16:9 | MPEG 224Kbps | English | Sub: English

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  1. Golf Gan says:

    Wow… where did you get this!!! Thank you!!

    Do you have the version in japanese audio?

  2. G-Fan says:

    OMG thank you !!!

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