Erotic Werewolf in London (2006)

Directed by: William Hellfire

Actors:  Misty Mundae, Anoushka and Darian Caine

Language: English

Country: Usa |  Imdb Info

Description:  Misty and Ruby are a couple who run a lesbian bar in New Jersey when their lives change one night with the arrival of a seductive woman (Anoushka) who bites Misty, thus starting her slow transformation into a werewolf. Anoushka the werewolf returns to her home in London, England where she gives an interview to a young reporter about her life as a werewolf, while back in America, Misty undergoes a slow transformation into a werewolf herself which may lead to danger for Ruby, and any other woman involved.



699mb | 68mins | 576×432 | avi


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2 Responses to Erotic Werewolf in London (2006)

  1. sachin says:

    i like movie

  2. Joe says:

    I know that Misty Mundae is in a bunch of movies and is willing to be naked in them all, but she doesn’t really do it for me. She isn’t ugly, but she isn’t drop-dead gorgeous either. I don’t know… maybe it is the makeup and/or how she is portrayed in the movies… I guess there is a niche for plain-Jane types .

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