Danger Route (1967)

Directed by:  Seth Holt

Stars: Richard Johnson, Carol Lynley and Barbara Bouchet

Language:  English

Country:   UK |  IMDB Info

Also known as:  La mano che uccide, La ruta del peligro, Le coup du lapin, O Karatê da Morte (A Rota do Perigo), O ektelestis, Ratten im Secret Service, Ruta peligrosa, Slaget som dödar, Tappava isku

Description: Jonas Wilde, a British secret service agent licensed to kill, returns from a successful mission determined to resign. Canning, his London superior, agrees to forward his resignation if Wilde eliminates a Czechoslovakian scientist defector now being held by the Americans.

Review: A nice, tight, secret-agent film.…To compare this film to 007 Bond films would to be lead readers astray.Bond films don’t have tight plots – this film is far closer to the films and series based on John Le Carré’s works. The film is never boring and seems to finish too soon – one would have liked more time for the denouement. And that is a sign of a good tight plot – when the viewer feels that the film has ended too soon. The film shows how without any gadgets and spectacular action a good plot can still hold the viewers’ attention. There is action – fights and murders – but they are not spectacular – nor are they intended to be. They are cold, quick and quiet. It is an enjoyable secret service film from the 1960’s – a predecessor for the excellent Le Carré films and series. Enjoy it!


1.46Gb | 93mins | 720×432 | avi


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2 Responses to Danger Route (1967)

  1. Warren says:

    In the background while the film is playing, I can hear what appear to be sounds coming from a TV in the background. Clapping and sounds of people talking for example can be heard over the film’s soundtrack. It distracts from focusing on the film itself. Can you sort this, please?

  2. David says:

    Thanks for posting this one.

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