rarelust is my personal project to keep rare flick rips alive freely and stop sellers who sell these movies at insane prices. ofcourse its impossible for me to rip so many movies myself thats why i search and grab rips from various sources on web

Here I like to add that “I have not created these rips myself. I acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and time put into creating rips by the dedicated fandubbers and fansubbers that did create and provide the source for all great flicks and gems would like to thank all rippers from bottom of my heart for help and keeping spirit of free sharing alive.





































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  1. vivi dragan says:

    A very interesting site, many movies lovers (especially those enloved of oldies but goldies) have an unique opportunity to enjoy with a lot of good cinematographical productions. Congrats!

  2. Doug says:

    Thanks so much for this site! I’ve found a couple movies on here that I thought I would never see again.

  3. Bet Reyes says:

    Thank you for the great effort in putting this site up. I can not imagine how much time you have invested in doing so. I know that for now, you are no longer accepting requests but in case the time comes that you are open, I hope that you can include Ask Any Girl (Shirley Mclaine) movie in your list. I have wanted to see the film and has not been successful in getting a good site. Thank you again.

    • rarelust says:

      can do Ask Any Girl but its tvrip want?
      also requests are open again via email thats why i post some wierd movies nowdays.

  4. Saddam Hussein says:

    Thanks for sharing so many great films!

  5. Jon says:

    Mille, mille grazie!!!

  6. Nelson Lombardo says:

    I fell in love.. haha Really, great project! Thanks in advance ñ.ñ

  7. Steven says:

    What an amazing collection by an amazing person.

  8. adel fowad says:

    thanks a lot for every movies uploaded …it’s very good job

  9. John Doe says:

    thank you for this wonderful site.

  10. Omen says:

    Thank you for all your work

  11. ...... says:

    You are wonderful! Millions of thanks!

  12. Joey says:

    I just want to say thank you so much for this site. I am a fan of 70’s and 80’s movies in particular, and with this site I can find movies I couldn’t find otherwise. So again thank you so much.

  13. Marc says:

    You’re offering a wonderful collection of movies. I’ve found some real gemms on the site. Thank you!

  14. matthew edwards says:

    thank you!

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