Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories Part 2 Quattro (1999)

Directed by:  Enrico Bernard, Massimo Di Felice

Stars: Tinto Brass, Nicole Brochard and Wesly DaVinci

Language:  Italian | Subtitles: English

Country:   Italy |  Imdb Info

Description: The collection came about as the result of an erotic film festival held by the legendary director of erotica, Tinto Brass. He picked his favorite twelve from more than 500 entries, and put them on DVD

Story 1: VOYEUR[ 28 mins]
Directed by: Roberto Gandus
In Voyeur, a young couple checks into a hotel. They proceed to seduce the chambermaid [Raffaella Ponzo] while the desk clerk watches over closed circuit television every erotic encounter going on in various rooms throughout the hotel. It is only when he goes home to his wife with a raging erection that we find out why he was so interested. He unleashes a torrent of pent up sexual energy with his very willing partner.

Story 2: QUATTRO [33 mins]
Directed by: Enrico Bernard
Quattro is the story of two men who go to the red light district in search of something different. Enzo winds up with an alluring transsexual street walker [Wesly DaVinci]. Peppe picks up Nicole, a very sexy uninhibited hooker at a bar and they get a hotel room. Brand new experiences ensue as four people enjoy one night of wild passion and experimentation.

Directed by: Massimo Di Felice
Bendetta Trasgressione is the story of a man who runs into his ex-wife [Sonia Topazio] in public. She is looking hot, and he admits that when they were married, he fantasized about watching her being double penetrated by two guys. That sounds like her idea of fun, so she picks up two more guys, and takes all three home.


DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | PAL 4:3 (720×576) | 5000Kbps | 102Mins | 3.75GB
Audio: Italian AC3 224Kbps | Subtitles: English | Extra: None

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2 Responses to Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories Part 2 Quattro (1999)

  1. Niloc says:

    Story 1: Voyeur – A couple of hotel employees enjoy the benefits of closed-circuit TV as they watch in on the activity that goes on behind closed doors
    Story 2: Quattro – A night of partying leads 2 couples to some after-hours fun
    Story 3: Benedetta Trasgressione – A beautiful young woman enlists 3 ment to help her satisfy her fetish of being bound and threatened

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