The Day the Earth Froze (1959)


Directed by: Aleksandr Ptushko

Stars: Urho Somersalmi, Anna Orochko, Ivan Voronov

Language: Finnish | Subtitles: English, Finnish, Russian, Swedish (sub/idx)

Country: Finland | Imdb Info | Ar: 2.40:1 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Sampo

Description: Based on Finnish mythology, this movie traces the exploits of Lemminkainen as he woos the fair Annikki and battles the evil witch Louhi. Louhi kidnaps Annikki to compel her father to build for her a Sampo, a magical device that creates salt, grain, and gold. When Lemminkainen tries (and fails) to recover the Sampo, Louhi steals the sun, plunging the world into frozen darkness.


1.16GB | 90:04mins | 1024×432 | mkv

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8 Responses to The Day the Earth Froze (1959)

  1. ohsoojun says:

    Thanks a lot for this gem rarelust

  2. Tony says:

    I only know this from the blurry print shown on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and even then it’s one of my favorite episodes), so this looks perfect. Thanks!

  3. Nat says:

    True, it’s the full version, but the embedded subtitles are off (probably belonging to the shorter ver.) and I can’t find them for this version :(

  4. thanks says:

    interesting visual effects
    thanks rarelust :D

  5. Munin says:

    Just looking at the thumbnails, this film seems to have some wonderful cinematography. I must give it a watch. Much appreciated, Rarelust!

  6. Will says:

    This looks interesting. Thanks.

  7. OSMOSIS says:

    ONE of the TWO “Real Deals” (this is the FINNISH version–the TRUE Deal is the MOSFILM Russian Version). Thanks, Rarelust.

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