Short Sharp Shocks (1949-1980)


Language: English | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Uk | Ar: 4:3 | Brrip

Description: 1949-1980 | 9 Movies | 216 min The latest in the critically acclaimed BFI Flipside series continuing its ongoing mission to curate an alternative Brit-screen history of overlooked rarities in deluxe home-entertainment editions is a compelling compendium of strange, striking, thrilling, horrific, eerie and eccentric short subjects from the heyday of the British cinematic supporting program.

Disc 1 Movies Include

Lock Your Door (1949) Imdb
The Reformation of St Jules (1949) Imdb
The Tell-Tale Heart (1953) Imdb
Death Was a Passenger (1958) Imdb
Portrait of a Matador (1958) Imdb


2GB | 91:18mins | 968×720 | mkv | English | Sub: English

Disc 2 Movies Include

Twenty Nine (1969) Imdb
The Sex Victims (1973) Imdb
The Lake (1978) Imdb
The Errand (1980) Imdb


2.98GB | 125:17mins | 1024×720 | mkv | English | Sub: English



Short Sharp Shocks Vol. II (1943-1986) BRRip


Disc 1 Movies Include

Disc 1:
Quiz-Crime No 1 (1943) (no imdb)
Can you beat master sleuth Detective Inspector Frost at his own game? Take his vintage whodunit test, in the case of the golfing-holiday murder and the affair of the slain showgirl.

Quiz-Crime No 2 (1944) (no imdb)
‘Everyone likes a good detective story,’ chuckles the Dtective Inspector. But can you crack the cases of kidnap in the Soho backstreets and a bloodily botched boarding house murder?

The Three Children (1946) (no imdb)
The public information film takes an eerie turn in this disquieting child-peril frightener crafted to unsettle neglectful post-war parents.

Escape from Broadmoor (1948) Imdb
An insane killer is on the run in this weird, torn-from-the-headlines thriller by John Gilling.

Mingoloo (1958) Imdb
A clockwork dog with a sinister secret haunts the dreams of all who see it. What is the nightmarish answer to its riddle?

Jack the Ripper with Screaming Lord Sutch (1963) (no imdb)
Joe Meek-produced rock’n’roll and tasteless Hammer-inspired theatrics collide in a bloodcurdling proto-music video.

Disc 1 Preview

2.33GB | 96:54mins | 958×720 | mkv | English | Sub: English

Disc 2 Movies Include

The Face of Darkness (1976) Imdb
A politician out to reinstate the death penalty stirs a malignant midieval spirit.

The Dumb Waiter (1979) Imdb
A woman receives a mysterious phone call, beginning a night of knife-edge terro in this debut shocker.

Hangman (1985) (no imdb)
Industrial accidents are presented with graphic glee by a mysterious masked executioner, who seems to enjoy his work, in a video nasty-era public information film like no other.

The Mark of Lilith (1986) Imdb
Black lesbian filmmaker Zena becomes involved with Lillia, a white undead wraith, in a radical dismantling of the cinematic vampire mythos.

Disc 2 Preview

3.67GB | 123:44mins | 960×720 | mkv | English | Sub: English

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    Kickass post RARELUST, well done! ? (and thanks!).

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