Double Feature: The Ghastly Ones (1968), Seeds of Sin (1968)

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The Ghastly Ones (1968) 72Mins imdb
Three married couples are forced to spend the night in a Victorian-era house where they start getting killed off by a deranged psycho who’s bent on claiming an inheritence they are all entitled to.


Seeds of Sin (1968) 78Mins imdb
An alcoholic matriarch terrorizes her spoiled, grown-up children during a family get-together where one of them flips out and begins killing all of them to get back at years of neglect and abuse.


DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 4:3 (720×480) | 4762Kbps | 72Mins + 78Mins | 7.82GB
Audio: English (AC3-192Kbps) | Extra: Commentary + Special Features

Special Features
. Digitally Remastered!
. Audio Commentary for The Ghastly Ones by actor and long-time     Milligan friend Hal Borske!
. Original Theatrical Trailer for THE GHASTLY ONES!
. Unfinished Trailer for SEEDS OF SIN containing Deleted Scenes!
. Bonus Trailers for Andy Milligan’s The Body Beneath, Guru the Mad   Monk, The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! and Vapors
SEEDS OF SIN workprint: Prior to its theatrical release, SEEDS OF SIN contained footage subsequently deleted by the producers and replaced with additional nude scenes. While much of that deleted footage still remains lost, Something Weird has discovered 2 reels of Milligan’s original 16mm workprint approximately 40 minutes worth — which is presented in its entirety. The footage contains a number of deleted scenes – including a different beginning, the death of a character almost completely edited out of the theatrical version, and a longer ending – and although the audio is occasionally incomplete, there are also a couple of priceless moments when you can actually hear Andy barking orders to the cast!
. Special Gallery of Andy Milligan Exploitation Art with Original           Music by actor Hal Borske.
. Total Running Time: Over 3 Hours of Milligan-Style Mayhem!

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4 Responses to Double Feature: The Ghastly Ones (1968), Seeds of Sin (1968)

  1. ron powers says:

    hi can you re-upload this?

  2. YES yes yes, SWV and Milligan, a perfect match.
    More SWV, Please, especially the weird as opposed to the hardcore

  3. koko says:

    Really great up. And full DVD on top of it.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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