Violación (1989)


Directed by: María Luisa Alcalá, Valentín Trujillo

Stars:  Valentín Trujillo, Mario Almada, Olivia Collins

Language: Spanish

Country:  Mexico | Imdb Info | vhsrip

Also known as:  Violation

Description: A sicko rapist and his buddies terrorize women in the city. freelance reporter and his nerdy sidekick vow to stop the rapist by exposing him to the cops. It doesn’t go well, and the nerdy guy’s chick is raped and then kills herself by jumping out a window. The raper goes after the reporter’s wife next, which is when Trujillo takes the law into his own hands to get the rapist and his buddies!


1gb | 103mins | 702x478 | mkv 
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One Response to Violación (1989)

  1. Arturo says:

    Thank you very much for this film. I enjoyed it, but just so people should know: it’s very uneven. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes you wonder if they were trying to make it bad (for example the audio during the rapes).

    I loved Olivia Collins, playing the reporter’s wife. It’s almost as if she plays three different people: high-class lady, attractive and friendly (older) girl-next-door, and big-titted scream queen. She was 30 years old in this movie. You can easily find her in the September 2010 Mexican Playboy when she was 53. I don’t find her as attractive there (too Barbie-like), but she’s still big-titted (as natural as her hair color), and she still has an amazing body for her age.

    Conclusion: thanks for this and all the other movies you post.

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