The Grapes of Death (1978)

Directed by:  Jean Rollin

Stars:  Marie-Georges Pascal, Félix Marten and Serge Marquand

Language:  French | Subtitles: English

Country:  France |  Imdb Info

Also known as:  Les raisins de la mort, As Uvas da Morte, Foltermühle der gefangenen Frauen, Pesticide, Pestizide – Grapes of Death, Pestizide – Stadt der Zombies, Ta stafylia tou thanatou, The Raisins of Death, The Village of the Living Dead, Zombis – Geschändete Frauen

Description:  A young woman discovers that the pesticide being sprayed on vineyards is turning people into killer zombies.

Review: Nice, Blood and Wine …. Now here is a rarity. A movie I came across late at night on one of Sky’s inferior movie channels (in this case zone horror) that I actually found quite enjoyable. If you are a fan of old school horror then I imagine you will enjoy this. Yes there are some ropey gore effects and some dodgy editing but overall there is a sense of menace which is greatly aided by the slow burning pace and genuinely spooky sound track. The basic premise of the film s that off a pesticide that has been sprayed on the grapes of a vineyard turn all those who consume the wine into some form of diseased zombie type. A young girl on the way to see her boyfriend at the vineyard has to deal with it. This is my first experience of French horror and of the movies of Jean Rollin and I have to say I will be seeking out more of both on this showing. You do have to take into account that this is a 1978 movie and it does show it’s age but it has genuine fright moments and a real seedy scary under currant and a lot of modern horror directors could learn a thing or two about pacing a horror movie from here. A real unexpected treat. I would definitely watch this again and for fans of the genre give an extra mark.



886mb | 90mins | 664×480 | mkv


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3 Responses to The Grapes of Death (1978)

  1. rarelust says:

    The Embalmer (1965) coming……

  2. Gary says:

    Wow, this was pretty damn good, Thank You. I was wondering if u can maybe see if u can find A Monster in Venice 1966, also called the Embalmer i believe. Its a giallo type monster film, looks interesting. Thank u

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