Taboo American Style 2: The Story Continues (1985)

Directed by:  Henri Pachard

Stars:  Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards, Juliet Anderson, Raven, Kevin James, Honey Wilder, Cara Lott, Bambi

Language:  English

Country:  USA |  IMDB Info

Also known as:   Nena – Das geile Biest von nebenan 2, Nena – Das geile Biest von nebenan Teil 2

Description:  The story of seduction and incest continues from the Scott family to the McBrides, where mother and son, brother and sister, father and daughter enter the perverse world of incestuous pleasures. Barbara Scott (Kay Parker), still luscious, is now living with the voluptuary Gina. She lusts for absent son Paul until a chance meeting with his friend Junior McBride. Then throbbing with desire she succumbs to the boy who reminds her of her own son. From there Junior seduces his mother, his sister (the luscious Dorothy LeMay) and after this chain of sexual dominos crowned be an orgy including a wet and dripping daisy chain of unbridled lust, Sherry seduces her own father. TABOO #2 brings you an all-star cast plus a bevy of new and beautiful nymphettes. This incestuous epic plunges deeper into the depths of depraved fantasy than any film youÆve ever seen!

Review:   Real Acting, Real Plot, and Hot Sex! …. This film, together with its prequel and two sequels, is the best adult movie I’ve ever watched. Part 2 is my personal favorite. It actually has a plot, and the erotic sequences are credible within the context of the film. This is not just a lot of people having sex.In addition, it features some of the best acting ever in an erotically-oriented movie. Raven, in particular, is devastatingly effective in her role. Taija Rae, too, is very emotionally convincing, although Gloria Leonard seems unsure what effect she is trying to achieve. Erotically, this film pushes all kinds of buttons beyond just the obvious (incest) theme. The set-ups for the sex scenes includes real build-ups of erotic tension, which makes all the difference when the actual sex happens. Definitely worth your while if you like something more than just disconnected sex scenes (though the sex sizzles as well).



851mb | 67mins | 640x416 | avi 

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