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  1. chaffinch says:

    “One of Our Spies is Missing” (1966)

  2. rftcbrmc says:

    White Star 1983 movie with Dennis Hopper. he called it his most demanding performance.

  3. Felix says:

    Any chance you could come across this Rare? Thanks in advanced!

    Pop Gear (1965)

  4. freddi says:

    Hi rarelust,

    you sure are one hard-working freak!

    Do you have Shurayukihime aka Lady Snowblood?

    thx in advance

  5. patrick says:

    Since it is open again …. looking for

  6. cool says:

    Hi………I just d’loaded hot legs……….nice movie and nice print……………..Can you please upload…….NEW WAVE HOOKERS…….the print available on torrent is very poor….Thanx…..!!!!

  7. Walt says:

    Sexual Wishlist (2014)
    is there its HD version?

  8. justforu says:


    I think this one may be very hard to find but I’ll ask just in case –

    Ecce Homo (1968)

    It translates to “Behold The Man”
    I’ve also see it titled as “I Am Man”


  9. chris Kennison says:

    F.T.W. Mickey Rourke and Lori Singer

  10. John says:

    Request: The Restless Years(1958)
    Thank you so much

  11. Franky says:

    Hey thanks for the last suggestion. I would love to see ”Verbena Tragica” ;

  12. Janbi says:

    Hi great RareLust, look please :
    Many thanks for all the rarity every day that we propose.

  13. Toni says:

    Red room (1992)

  14. JaniceJ says:

    No suggestion or request. Just a big thanks for the recent
    rash of movies from the 50’s to mid 60’s. These movies
    were fun to watch.

    Thanks again.


  15. darius says:

    Please, any chance for

    Fango (1977)

    Thanks in advance

  16. Nathan Tasker says:

    Hi guys/girls,

    May I please request the following:

    Deadly Lessons (1983)

    IMDB Link:

    Many thanks again for the great work everyone does, it is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

  17. Victorp says:

    Hi RL

    Do you have “Amigo ” 2010 directed by John Sayles

    Thanks and regards

  18. trenton high says:

    lookin for this linnea quigley movie

  19. Sachin says:

    How about Bar hopping hotties (2005)?

  20. Isidoro Sevilla says:

    Do you have One Dark Night (1982)?
    It’s a great film. Thanks!

  21. cauchy313 says:

    Any chance this movie could be uploaded to your site? Thanks for the time and effort.

    Kickboxing Academy (1997)

  22. jcrod says:

    Saw this requested, but did not see in movie index,

    Deadly Illusion (1987)

    Just saw it on TV, like Vanity movies from the 80’s, believe they may have a VHSRip somewhere, that would be great RL..

  23. Parker says:

    Household Saints (1993)

    Awesome site by the way

  24. ziddyrock says:

    Been looking for this movie

    Amelia’s 25th (2013)

    Any help would be appreciated!

  25. barnley says:

    I am looking for:
    Alias Mr.Twilight (1946) ?
    Thanks for all your efforts!

  26. boaz says:
    For the First Time (1959)
    Please, if you can…

  27. JINI says:

    Can I watch the movie Tropical Nights (1988)


  28. peroco says:

    I’ve been looking for The Enemy (2001). Do you have it?

    Thanks for a terrific site

  29. thomas says:

    Can you post the movie galaxy hunter 2004

  30. lenny says:

    Hi RI,
    Can you please find the movie: “Stakeout on Dope Street” from 1958.
    It was screened a year ago on TCM but I missed it. No DVD release yet…

  31. mariano1 says:

    Thunder in the East (1953) dir. Charles Vidor

  32. Timmy says:

    Do you have Hell Riders from 1984?
    Any print available, thanks.

  33. tad says:

    Can you find:
    “The Young Captives” (1959) ?

  34. bob jones says:

    Kink (2013)

    Can you get this documentary?

  35. don says:

    Any chance for:
    Shadowed (1946) old film-noir by John Sturges ?

  36. geronimo says:

    I am looking for:
    “Duel on Mississippi” (1955)
    Any print will do.

  37. wadda says:

    RL, many thanks for your hard work.
    Could you plz find ‘Deceptions’ movie acted by Nicollette Sheridan, Harry Hamlin and Robert Davi.

  38. Joseph W Doyle says:

    Hi Rarelust

    can you get or upload Sinful Desires 2002

    kind regards


  39. ha14 says:

    The siege Of Syracuse (LE SIEGE DE SYRACUSE) 1960 (English, French)

  40. VictorP says:


    I am looking for “Tempest aka La tempesta” 1958 with Van Heflin

    Kind regards

  41. pimpepper says:

    Hi RL
    Do you have “QUINTANA: DEAD OR ALIVE” 1969 spaghetti western

    THanks and regards

  42. Jim Hassett says:

    The Purple Taxi (1977)

    Love your site.Many thanks.

  43. Patrick says:

    Can you find sex files: double identity with english language?
    Thank you RL

  44. storkey says:

    Hi RI,
    Can you please get the:
    There Goes Kelly (1945) ?

  45. tad1 says:

    “The Houston Story” film noir from 1956 by William Castle.
    Thank You!

  46. eric hollick says:

    also looking for this one

  47. M.R.K. says:

    Here is one from 1981, it’s called “So Fine”. Ryan O’Neal was acting the lead role. Link :
    Crossing fingers already. :)

  48. Srj says:

    “young distance” 1989, any chance friend
    search i never give up, seen in teen days, can anybody help

  49. Tony Sarkis says:

    Hy friend!!
    I tryng to find these:

    Many Thanks!!!

  50. combom says:

    thanx for the last one, awesome!

    how about –

    Human Experiments (1979)

    thanx :)

  51. OJ says:

    Hello friend!!!
    I´m looking for this one


  52. BJ says:

    Hi Rarelust! Any chance for The Happy Ending (1969)?

  53. Mr. G. says:

    The Turn-On (Le Declic) (1985), dir. Jean Louis Richard, after Manara’s comic book. Definitely.

  54. johnson says:

    Please try to find:
    “Best Man Wins” (1948) dir. John Sturges

  55. Gutex says:

    hello Rarelust great work
    any chance with Silence of the Heart (1984)
    it will be great specially with subs( I just love movies with subs)

  56. Rick Hyman says:

    Please try to get “March or Die”, 1977. Thank you.

  57. Ben says:

    Thanks for all of the great films – I don’t know how you find the time! I was wondering if you might have come across some classics from The Golden Age of Porn – trying to track down a copy of The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann.


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