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Welcome to ne suggest-a-movie page old got huge moved here

Any movie u want to see on my blog just write a comment below
or mail me at [email protected] will try to post soon if possible..


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  1. Steve says:

    Gray Lady Down (1978) – Charlton Heston, Stacy Keach


  2. jiajianiu says:

    Die Wahrheit über Rosemarie (1959)

    is it ok?

  3. Paul says:

    Incredible site, I am really happy with your wonderful work.

    Night Must Fall (1964)
    Golden Night (1976) Klaus Kinski (English language or Subs?)

  4. Champ Williams says:

    Other Men’s Wives (1996) unrated English only audio
    Hotel Exotica (1999) unrated English only audio
    Sunset Strip (1993)
    Witchcraft 8: Salem’s Ghost (Video 1996)
    Witch Academy (1995)
    Busted (1997)
    Seduce Me: Pamela Principle 2 (1994)
    Sexual Response (1992)
    The Surrogate (1984)
    Sins of Desire (1993)
    Zombies (2005)1994

  5. Maitri says:

    Hi 2 more suggestions if possible-

    Tango of Perversion 1973

    Violent Blood Bath 1973


  6. Engin says:

    The Demolitionist (1995)
    and maybe
    Blown Away (1993)
    if it’s OK.

  7. Karteek says:

    How about this movie ?

    Thanks much !

  8. jackson says:

    FLESH AND BLOOD – 1979 can u upload it?thanks

  9. Andreina says:

    If possible, please.Magic Moments(1989) , Thanks.

  10. John says:

    Some requests of some kind forgotten 70s flicks.

    Inserts(1974) Ruchard Dreyfuss

    Buster and Billie(1974)Jan-Michael Vincent

    The Big Sleep(1978) Joan Collins, Robert Mitchum,Candy Clark

    Lords of Flatbush(1974)Perry King,Sylvester Stallone,Henry Winkler

    Return To Macon County(1974)Don Johnson,NIck Nolte

    Valentino(1977)Leslie Caron, Michelle Phillips

    Thanks so much for any you can add.

  11. Srj says:

    Can u please get this tv movie
    A Friend’s Betrayal (1996)

  12. janotronico says:

    Brain Damage – Frank Henenlotter (1988)
    The Stuff – Larry Cohen (1985)
    Amazon Women On The Moon – VVDD (1987)

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Brian says:

    If possible, please.
    Dr. Caligari –


  14. R says:

    Hi RL, thanks a lot for the recent Edwige Fenech movies. How about these?

    la poliziotta fa carriera (1976):

    amori miei (1978):

    sabato, domenica e venerdì (1979):

    la poliziotta della squadra del buon costume (1979):

    la patata bollente (1979):

    sono fotogenico (1980):

    io e caterina (1980):

    il ficcanaso (1980):

  15. Joe says:

    Can you get ahold of Maria Montez’s “Tangier” (1946)?

    I know DVD copies are circulating on eBay and elsewhere…

  16. sanchez53 says:

    You continue to do an amzing job. Ok, let me ask about these 3

    El Robo De Las Momias de Guanajuato
    bare knuckles


  17. reza says:

    movie levottomat 2000 movie salt on our skin 1992 thanks

  18. Paul says:

    Shock Chamber aka Greedy Terror

    Probably only vhs releases but I would like anyway if you can. Thanks

  19. cris1 says:

    If you can please post E=mc2 (1996)

  20. ViDeODrome MaNiac says:

    Thank you so much For the last Post RaRelust, That was totally awesome = )

    if you don’t mind maybe you can do this one too

    Brainjacked 2009

  21. Andreina says:

    Hello, Any chance of Surrender (1987)

  22. paintman says:

    Can you post Desires of Innocence 1997

  23. jacklyn best says:

    Angela (1978)

  24. kenteoh says:

    La Moglie di mio padre(1976 My Father’s Wife )
    My Stepson, My Lover 1997

  25. Engin says:

    Un treno per Durango (1968)
    …would be appreciated. :-)

  26. milflover says:

    Belle maman …can u upload it,this story is about son in law fall in love with with mother in law

  27. Srj says:

    Is this possible
    Femmina (1998)

  28. John says:

    Request: The Bell Jar(1979) based on Sylvia Plaths novel. Thanks!

  29. Ken says:

    Hello, Any chance of adding Zeppelin (1971)


  30. Rykoniki says:

    Hi RL – Thanks for uploading all the requests of mine. I can’t thank you enough for all the great movies. If you would eventually post these- that be super.

    Immaculate Conception (1992)

    UFO Kidnapped (1983)

    China and Sex (1994)

    • rarelust says:

      not these.. are is bad vhs rips.. thats why dead

      • Rykoniki says:

        How bad are vhs rips – no sound? I mean they can’t possibly be as distorted as the Italian Godzilla vhs rip you just But hey your call – thanks anyway!

        • rarelust says:

          Godzilla was cult flick i saw many sites discussing about it that same print will survive till internet is alive.. coz many fans looking for it.. not case with these thats why hard to grab.. anyway i can bring China and Sex vhs its italian lang .. let me know..if interested

          • Rykoniki says:

            Alright, If you ever grab those other two that be awesome – but with 400+ monthly previews those have time to wait, or never happen. You already have shared such an mass “fuckton” of great movies, lol.

            and also on the print of Cozzilla –– I think it’s worth mentioning that its generational loss actually seems to aid the film’s surreal/trippy look. Btw China and Sex, is an Yes – please bring it out, thanks. Does it have any subs? If not.. I’m still in ..

  31. milflover says:

    En brazos de la mujer madura 1997

  32. milflover says:

    starmap 1997….can u upload it?

  33. greenmile says:

    Alla ricerca di Sheherazade (Pepe Carvalho:1of10 Episodes)

  34. Matt82 says:

    How about this one:
    The Master Touch (1972)


  35. Zachary Bass says:

    I commend you with the highest regards. The tireless work it seems that you do here is second to none that I have seen. The movies you present to everyone the way you do is spectacular and has brought me great rememberence of the past…Thank you for your efforts!!! Do you happen to have the film Who? aka Robo Man (i think)

  36. ViDeODrome MaNiaC says:

    Is This One even Possible ?

    He Lives By Night 1982

  37. zoltan says:

    Do you have feast of flesh AKA the deadly organ / Placer sangriento

  38. roberto says:

    VICE RAID (1960)
    BORN RECKLESS (1958)

    Anything appreciated including VHS/TVRip etc
    Thanks for looking :)

  39. pepe says:

    Le tre porcelline (1994)

  40. cauchy313 says:

    If you could post any of these three movies, that would be great. Thanks again for all your work.

    Ballistic (1995)

    Dangerous Prey (1995)

    Programmed to Kill (1987)

    • rarelust says:

      Ballistic .. no – bad rip
      Programmed to Kill – ok
      Dangerous Prey – will add link here check back

  41. bennet smith says:

    Laura oggetto sessuale (1987)

  42. pepe says:

    Sexually Altered States (1985)

  43. Vidit says:

    Plz upload below one :

    Spitfire ——
    Nemesis ———

  44. M. Q. says:

    Star: Rika Aoki

    Konketsuji Rika(1972)
    Konketsuji Rika: Hitoriyuku sasuraitabi(1973)
    Konketsuji Rika: Hamagure komoriuta(1973)

  45. M. Q. says:

    Trapped (1982)
    Directed by: William Fruet
    Staring: Henry Silva, Nicholas Campbell, Barbara Gordon

  46. Anonymous says:

    the great texas dynamite chase

  47. Matt says:

    These would be great: Edge of Sanity (unrated) Necromantik 2 5 Dead on the Crimson Canvas Also will The whoopie boys be posted soon?

  48. rocksalt says:

    Thanks for all the movies. Is it possible to post Sunshine (1999).

    thank u very much

  49. kostas says:

    Hi RareLust

    La malavita attacca. La polizia risponde. (1977)

    La legge violenta della squadra anticrimine (1976)

    thanks a lot!!!

  50. Maitri says:

    Hi could you upload this also- Madness 1994 ?


  51. A user says:


    Do you have Ti spacco il muso bimba (1982)


    Great site by the way!


  52. Darren says:

    I wanted to know about the title Off beat 1986.

  53. Tony says:


    World-wide (English title) (long title) Bonditis, or the Horrible and Terrible Adventures of a Nearly Normal Human Being

    Found some titles here that I had forgotten about, thanks

  54. Engin says:

    Where the Boys Are ’84 (1984)

    if possible, please.

  55. mike says:

    any chance of this one please:
    the fast kill (1972) Thanks

  56. csssgl says:

    Thanks for Mod Fuck Explosion. You made my day. One more more recent horror movie I’ve been looking for:

    Blood (2000) (or 2003?)

  57. Dave says:


    Bikini Hotel (1997) –

    Can It Be Love (1992) –

    Sexual Response (1992) –

  58. johnS says:

    I’d be grateful for any of these. Thank You.

    Joe Macbeth 1955

    The Breaking Of Bumbo? 1970

    The Mark 1961

    ?Two Left Feet (1963)

    The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer – 1970

  59. Ad R says:

    How about

    Return of the Living Dead III (1993)

    not sure if the uncut version only existed on VHS…

  60. Anonymous says:

    Jane and the Lost City (1987)

  61. Engin says:

    Plaza Suite (1971)

    would be appreciated.

  62. paintman says:

    Inavouables désirs (2004) IMDB 0816533

  63. Srj says:

    The Diary of an Innocent Boy (1968)

  64. ViDeODrome MaNiac says:

    can you do these

    The redeemer Son of Satan 1978

    The Night ,the Prowler 1978

  65. Matt82 says:

    How about this one:
    Cross Shot (1976)


  66. G-Fan says:

    Any chance of finding this? :

    Cozzilla (Godzilla) 1977

    It’s the Italian ‘colorized’ version of the 1954 Godzilla with additional footage and music added. Directed by Luigi Cozzi.

  67. James Maki says:

    Race Across The Drenched Wasteland
    Yukihiro Sawada
    Nikkatsu Japan

  68. paintman says:

    Can you please post this movie The Big Hustle 1999 IMDB 0222815

  69. John says:

    Some requests

    Bridge to the Sun(1961) Carroll Baker

    Fingers(1978)Harvey Keitel

    Out Of the Dark(1988)Karen Black

    Thanks for all…

  70. Paul says:

    Can we get a decent copy of this one, perhaps from that pal version from years ago?

  71. paintman says:

    Can you post this movie please ?
    Trio Trio Dangereux 2001 IMDB 0382348

  72. Chris says:

    Hi, What You think about these movies:

    Contagion (1987)
    L’arcano incantatore (1996)
    Killer Instinct (2001)

    Thanks in advance!

  73. John says:

    can you do this really good but kinda forgotten movie ,Nunzio(1978)thanks.

  74. JellyBeanKing says:

    Do you possibly have a decent (maybe even mkv) of
    Hunter of the Apocalypse (1980) aka The Last Hunter
    Absolutely loved my old vhs of this movie
    Would love to see it again. Thank you
    – JellyBeanKing

  75. Clergy says:

    Hoodlums (aka Gangsters, 1979)

    Order To Kill (El Clan de los inmorales, 1973)

    3 Men To Kill (Trois hommes à abattre)

    Tough Guys (1974)

    The Warning (1980)

    Monella (1998) Aka Frivolous Lola

  76. Loki says:

    Do you have these two movies:

    Lover’s Knot –

    When the Party’s Over –

  77. Snhobbes says:

    It’s been a few weeks since I made a request and am looking for this one from 2007 if you have it :

    Pas Douce/A Parting Shot

  78. Srj says:

    Odissea (1968) -
    Thank you

  79. paintman says:

    Trio Dangereux 2001

  80. Fernando says:

    Can you upload Toxic Avenger part II and III and Sgto Kabukiman if you have it in good quality ? thanks ,i like your website,is very good.

  81. Maitri says:

    Along with libido which I suggested earlier, could you manage this giallo too- the man with icy eyes 1971 ?


  82. Kristin says:

    Hy, can you upload this movie :

  83. Matt82 says:

    How about this one:
    The Big Family (1973)


  84. Candy says:

    I would like to see Nana to Kaoru, the one from 2011 and Nana to Kaoru chapter 2 from 2013…if possible in eng sub too…

  85. terrie says:

    ill look for subs for football crazy yes

  86. oscar says:

    please you can upload the movie red steel? its a film from 1995

  87. Mohammed Qaid says:

    Thanks to your help, I activated my account finally
    Can you please post all these five following movies, that have special memories I have:
    1. So Intimate (aka) Oso yparhei erotas (1970) Dirctor: Omiros Efstratiadis.
    Greek Movie (Black & White) (Also aka) ??? ??????? ?????
    2. Virgins of the Seven Seas (aka) The Bod Squad (1974) Dirctors: Kuei Chih-Hung & Ernst Hofbauer.
    3. Diamond Ninja Force (1986) Dirctor: Godfrey Ho.
    4. Cocktail (1988) Director: Roger Donaldson.
    5. Night Rhythms (1992) Dirctor: Gregory Dark.

    Many Thanks ,,

  88. terrie says:

    hi rarelust maybe a 1974 joan collins movie called football crazy or l’arbitro thanks

  89. Wolfz says:

    Hi, thank for the “film noir” movie.

    Has anyone requested this hong kong horror yet?

    Return of the dead


  90. sax says:

    hi do you know this movie?

  91. A user says:

    I’d love to see some movies with big breasted Carmen Russo:
    For example The Porno Killers – 1982


  92. Maitri says:

    Could you upload these 2 also-

    Blood Delirium 1988
    Evil Senses 1986 ?


  93. ViDeODrome MaNiac says:

    This one -?
    Hisayasu Sato – Re-wind 1988 (Orig Language Eng Sub if possible) In not too many split parts Thanks

  94. Engin says:

    Une Affaire privée (2002)

    Les jolies choses (2001)

    …would be appreciated. :-)

  95. Matt82 says:

    How about this one:
    Emergency Squad (1974)


  96. John says:

    Can You upload an Englih dubbed or English subtitled person of L’Innocente(The Innocent)(1976) with Jennifer O’Neill & Laura Antonelli . Thanks

  97. sanchez53 says:

    Great job as usual. Let me ask about these:

    tt0073660 with english subs

    Thanks again for your efforts!

  98. paintman says:

    Can you please post the following movie
    Posessed By The Night 1993 Shannon Tweed

  99. Nicolas says:

    Felicitations first of all , this is the greatest site i found so far ..

    Could you please reup the first part of “Men” (with sean young) it doesn’t work…i got 2 and 3 .

  100. Srj says:

    Thanks 4 Private Passions DearLust
    Is this available at moment
    La donna della luna (1989) -

  101. Dave says:


    Strip Search (2004) –

    Virtual Combat (1995) –

    • rarelust says:

      Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter
      Erotic Witch Project 2: Book of Seduction
      Lust in Space: The Erotic Witch Project IV

  102. G-Fan says:

    Able to find this one?

    The Black Pearl (1977)

    can’t seem to track it down.

  103. Maitri says:

    Hi could you upload this one also- Libido 1965 ?

    Thank you.

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