Let It All Hang Out (1969)

Directed by: Franz Marischka

Stars:  Willi Colombini, Marcella Michelangeli, Edwige Fenech

Language: Italian | Dvdrip

Country:  Italy | Imdb Info

Also known as: Der Mann mit dem goldenen Pinsel, L’uomo dal pennello d’oro, The Man with the Golden Brush

Description: Edwige Fenech plays the girlfriend of beatnik-hippy artist Archie (Willi Colombini). Throughout the film Edwige is either having her body painted during a hippy party, posing naked for Archie or seducing other men. All is not fun and games for Edwige though after another hippy girl (Marcella Michelangeli) has her eyes on Archie



794mb | 84mins | 720×468 | avi

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5 Responses to Let It All Hang Out (1969)

  1. Rob says:

    Hey guys, I managed to find some subtitles for this movie. They appear to be translated from Romanian to English but the grammar and spelling seem to be decent. :)


  2. Grrrr, cant locate any subtitles in any language for this film, ouch, but, man oh man is she one of the most beautiful women ever, YOWZA!
    Kudos Wip!
    PS…found a freeware called Subtitle Edit:
    I found it spam free as well. I am not connected with this program at all, just passing it on. SIMPLE to use, will translate basically any existing sub, .srt and others. Also reports it can make subs from a film, just have not got that far yet, found it yesterday, translated a Romanian .srt first, a small hassle, then have done 2 Italian .srt with no issues at all, maybe more support for Italian, not sure. But, it’s a small footprint and easy interface and auto fix seems to do the trick.

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