Jeunes Danoises Au Pair (1983)

Directed by:  Jean-Claude Roy

Actors:  Olivia Flores, Alban Ceray, Sylvie Esnault, Jacky Jack, Carole Pierac, Jean-Pierre Armand, Christophe, Cathy Menard

Language:  French

Country:  France

Also known as:   Approcci, Die heißen Spiele der kühlen Blonden

Description:  Expert in kitchen and sexual fantasies, 2 pretty young Danish have the qualifications to become indispensable girls au-pair. One, just committed, transforms a torrid couple “household three” while the other becomes the French maid of a neglected husband for whom she met every sexual whim. One and the other will quickly be shared with friends and relations of their employers transactions within the same perverse vortex.


1.11gb | 77mins | 768×576 | avi


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