Education of the Baroness (1977)

Directed by:  Gérard Kikoine

Actors: Brigitte Lahaie, Maude Carolle, Micky Love, Susan Deloir

Language:  English (dubbed)

Country:  France

Also known as:  Parties fines, Diario intimo di una baronessa, Indecency, Memorie di una baronessa, Pleasure Parties

Description:  Alice the maid turns the tables on her employer Solange. While the baron is out indulging himself by changing places with his chauffeur (who picks up a hitch-hiker and fucks her in the back of the Rolls) and being dominated by his mistress, Alice is visited by her nearly-blind brother and his friend Finch, a gangster. When Solange scolds the maid for letting them in, Finch takes charge and makes Solange change places with the maid and forces her into various sex games with himself, Jean and Alice.

Review: Very amusing French porn with lovely Brigitte Lahaie.   “Parties Fines” is a truly arousing French porn in which Brigitte Lahaie plays a Baroness who,while her husband is out playing his games,is raped and used as a toy by two men who break into her estate.The tone of the film is definitely comical,still there is lots of hard core action including oral sex,anal sex,masturbation mixed with lashings of lovingly decadent atmosphere.Of all of the first-rate French XXX directors Gerard Kikoine had the best eye for the telling erotic detail.He was a fan of variation for its own sake.This guy was an excellent cameraman and seems to have shot about half the top-flight French adult films that he didn’t direct.Surprisingly he also directed two horror movies “Edge of the Sanity” and “Buried Alive”.I’d like to recommend them too for my fellow fans of vintage smut.The sex scene between chauffeur and female hitchhiker is aboslutely the most arousing porno scene ever filmed!


1.45gb | 74mins | 688x464 | English 

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