Domino (1988)

Directed by: Ivana Massetti

Stars: Brigitte Nielsen, Tomas Arana, Kim Rossi Stuart

Language: English on Dvdrip |  English, Italian (2tracks) on Vhsrip

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Vhsrip + Dvdrip

Description: A girl in the video industry travels with a jeweled turtle and makes Billie Holliday videos. Though having relations with some of her friends, she is looking for love. She begins getting calls from a stranger who tells her not to worry, that he’ll watch over her. But when she wants to meet him he does not show up.

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1.45gb | 96:34mins | 512×384 | avi

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4 Responses to Domino (1988)

  1. Robbytag says:

    A movie for the arthouse circuit and film studies . For rest of us it is just the Brigitte Nilsen nude body otherwise nothing else in the movie

  2. barry wilkinson says:

    Where can I buy the movie

  3. rarelust says:

    added english dvdrip

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