Django Kills Softly (1967)

Directed by: Massimo Pupillo

Stars: George Eastman, Luciano Rossi, Liana Orfei

Language: English

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as: Bill il taciturno

DescriptionDjango arrives in the town of Santa Anna at the behest of a man named Sanders who’d been trying to buy safe passage for his cargo from a Mexican bandit named El Santo. Django finds that Sanders has been killed and that his rival, a man named Thompson, is now trying to deal with El Santo. Django, after a brief involvement with a beautiful young widow named Linda — who has information on a lost gold mine — becomes entangled in this situation by agreeing to escort a shipment through El Santo’s territory.


single shots

999MB | 93:59mins | 640×464 | avi

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