Amuck (1972)

Directed by: Silvio Amadio

Stars:  Farley Granger, Barbara Bouchet and Rosalba Neri

Language:  English

Country:  Italy |  Imdb Info | Dvd

Also known as:  Alla ricerca del piacere

Description:  Greta Franklin, a beautiful American blonde, arrives on an island near Venice and rings the door-bell of Richard Stuart, a famous novelist who lives in a beautiful house with his wife Elonora. She manages to be hired as Richard’s new secretary, the former one having disappeared without a trace. What Richard and Eleonora do not know – yet- is that Greta has a secret motive for taking the job: not only did she know Sally, her predecessor, but she was her lover.


screen shots

4GB | 98mins | 720×480 | Dvd


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8 Responses to Amuck (1972)

  1. YY88 says:

    Hi Thanks for the work you done. I’ve a question, this film are relasead in bluray and dvd , it’s a possibile to update this movie with better quality?

  2. ekkes says:

    Anfang 2016 kommt von “Camera Obscura” eine remasterte Version unter dem Titel “Alla Ricerca del Piacere” als Nr. 16 der Italian Genre Cinema Collection in english und italienisch heraus !!
    PS: die obigen Abbildungen sehen allerdings fast schon nach dieser DVD-BR-VÖ aus

  3. Héctor says:

    Thanks for posting but isn’t there any version with better quality picture? According to description is from the DVD thye sold a few years ago on websites but they could remaster a little bit the film . Picture is really crap.
    Anyway better this copy than nothing at all.

  4. marito says:

    Thanks rl!! Love this one!

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